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Turkish Honey Comb 250g

Rs 1,100.00

Dried Apricots 100g

Rs 280.00
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Walnuts 100g

Rs 450.00

Black Seeds 100g

Rs 110.00

Organic Pineapple Rings 100g

Rs 270.00

Dried Orange 100g

Rs 290.00

Jumbo Reisins (Brown) 100g

Rs 190.00

Dried Cherry 100g

Rs 320.00

Dried Kiwi 100g

Rs 300.00
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Salted Peanuts 100g

Rs 140.00
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Salted Almonds 100g

Rs 320.00

Pumpkin Seeds 100g

Rs 270.00

Black Sesame 100g

Rs 80.00

Basil Seeds 100g

Rs 70.00

Pineapple rings- 100g

Rs 190.00
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Papaya Strips 100g

Rs 90.00

Almonds Blanched 100g

Rs 340.00

Almond Pieces 100g

Rs 380.00

Dried Coconut Slices 100g

Rs 280.00

Dried Star Fruits 100g

Rs 290.00

Hazelnut Blanched 100g

Rs 520.00
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Sunflower Seeds 100g

Rs 250.00

Sunflower Seeds with Shell 100g

Rs 180.00

Pecan Nuts 100g

Rs 690.00

Pine Nuts 100g

Rs 890.00

Mixed Nuts With Bee Honey

Rs 1,200.00

Flax Seeds 100g

Rs 150.00

Sidr Bee Honey (Peshawar) 100g

Rs 490.00

Wild Bee Honey (Sri Lanka) 100g

Rs 240.00

Black Seed Bee Honey (Egyptian) 100g

Rs 390.00

Choco Bar 25g

Rated 5.00 out of 5
Rs 200.00

Choco Dates300g Gift Pack

Rs 1,000.00