“Sukkary” the Sweetest Date.

The word “Sukkary” sounds like “sugar”,’ In Arabic, it means “the sweet one”.’ This variety is popular, with the fruit often referred to as ‘royal dates’.

Sukkary dates have a blonde gold color and a fresh, sweet pulp.

At Datery, we have Sukkary Dry and Sukkary Fresh. Both are natural and incredibly tasty, only the harvesting time on the tree is different!

Sukkary Dry (or Sukkary Crispy)

– store very well on travel

– no need refrigeration

– perfect gift

– can be a little crystallized

Sukkary Soft

– melting in the mouth

– perfect for cooking

– needs refrigeration

This date variety is packed with nutrients, as 70% of each date comprising of natural energy boosting sugars and 30% comprising folic acid, protein, copper, iron, potassium and heart healthy fibre.